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26 September 1987
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Hilary. the Hils. 20. southern Illinois. microbiology and Spanish at Indiana University. 31-year old boys. music. writing. television. web design. Cardinals baseball. The Pentagon. best friend: Chrissie. two sisters: Heather and Holly. obsessive behavior. loves The Dannys and chimerism. contemplates Danny/Martin daily.
Dishwalla. Graham Colton Band. HANSON. The Honorary Title. July for Kings. Limbeck. OKGo. Stroke 9. The Working Title.
Arrested Development. Brothers & Sisters. Cold Case. CSI. CSI: Miami. CSI: NY. freakylinks. Dexter. House. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Jake in Progress. Justice. John Doe. Kidnapped. MacGyver. Nash Bridges. The Nine. nip/tuck. Numb3rs. Prison Break. Without a Trace.
the cast of Without a Trace. Danny/Martin. CSI: Miami. Danny Messer. Danny/Flack. Danny/Marty. Danny/Lindsey. House/Wilson. Greg/Ryan. Nicky/Greg. Danny/Scotty. Charlie/Amita. Larry/Megan. Quentin Costa. Adam Trent. Todd Coombs. CSI→'Committed.' CSINY→'On the Job.'

072508 || Graham Colton / John Mellencamp → Oklahoma City, OK
072608 || The Honorary Title → St. Louis, MO
073108 || What Made Milwaukee Famous → St. Louis, MO
092308 || Hanson → St. Louis, MO
100408 || Hanson → Louisville, KY

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christine elizabeth, christopher john carpenter, creating middle names, daniel t messer, fake aim convos, matthew christian morris, my pentagon-shaped world, pheromone-induced hallucinations, sugar-phosphate backbones, sweeping jeopardy categories

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