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cass, can you not

2006, fic-wise

According to my indexing script, I've posted so far 520 times in my LJ this year. Of those posts, 247 are tagged as 'fic'. Plenty of challenges: 10_inspirations, DCU A-Z, and character-specific challenges for Tim, Cass and Lex (also Dexter, but I'm not going to finish it before New Year).

Fandom-wise, DC is still my core fandom, although I tend to pay less attention to current canon, and only look at it closely sometime after it's published. The comics I consistently enjoy the most are seldom the ones I fic about; that's a bit unsettling. This year I've gotten in and out a few TV fandoms, dabbling a bit on House and SGA, watching Torwchood with trainwreck fascination, and getting hooked into Dexter like whoa.

In conclusion: Challenges make me write a bit more, DC is a fickle mistress -but you already knew that-, and TV had a good year.

ETA: LJ isn't letting me post my full fic table because it's too long. That's kind of impressive.

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