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cass, can you not

Fic: Urbs Karoli (PG13, generic X-men-verse)

Title: Urbs Karoli
Rating: PG13
Fandom: Pick whichever X-men-verse you like.

Racism, poverty, violence — the 21st century is not much better than the 20th. But global society got one thing right, one all-too-likely Armageddon avoided through all-too-unlikely good sense: Humans and mutants work, live, and die together. There have been no mutant camps, no pogroms, no even a hint of an intra-genus war.

That doesn't mean there is no strife or disease. Sometimes people die. Sometimes they are found alive, but with holes in their memories or damage in their brains. The most damaged or influential of them are treated by Charles Xavier, a world-famous expert in mutant psychobiology and stalwart defender of the human-mutant compact.

It would be helpful if he had some sort of telepath to help him treat his patients, but, alas, telepathy is the one impossible power. He has even written a few papers about that.

cass, can you not

OLF #4

Every night I hear Erik cry over the memories he thinks nightmares, and every night I yearn to help, but my powers are already stretched to their machine-enhanced limits forcing him, and the world, to forget.