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It doesn't work with a single 'Yes'

Author Notes: Kind of pointless; I'm just playing with sentence lengths.

Yes. Yes. I did. I said yes. To her beauty, yes. To the grace of her pale long limbs. But mostly to the hard shiny logic of her hate.

Not that I saw the movie

Author Note/Warning: This takes the, shall we say, Messianic tone of Man of Steel and turns it up a bit.

On his 1st day on Earth his parents called him their miracle the first of many times.Collapse )

Yet another thing

Author Note: I definitely don't mean you.

* * *
I thought I was growing alone, but then I realized: how would I know? If you weren't reading quite what I'm writing --- how would I know?

If somebodything stood between my keyboard and your screen, dropping venom, I would know it as you posted less, and became distant, and I couldn't understand you or feel understood anymore. My screen would become a cacophony of implausible updates, and I would think I was growing alone.

I no longer do. They are there, always, for all of us.

I write to them now, and through your silences and triviality they reply.
Title: Short notes around Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Inquisitorus
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Mentions of suicide.
Author Notes: Wittgenstein as a detective. Will make (slightly) more sense if you've read the Tractatus.

My word is everything that pertains to the case.Collapse )

Now, a fannish (DC) thing

Visitors come to see the Survivor from all over the galaxy, and I have to let them. That is the deal that pays for everything. I show them the small ship where we found the baby and I let them touch the blanket that cradled him, and then I guide them to his sleeping body and the Dream Machine that keeps his lonely insanity in check.

I do not show them his dreams, for they would laugh at them.

I do not laugh at your dreams, my poor Kal-El.


(A/N: Unlike the previous ones, this one is less writing exercise than fanfic for the sheer heck of it.)


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