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cass, can you not

Despite appearances, the utterly bizarre is older than 2017

This is a reminder that around 2001 it was released a music video that began, unexpectedly, with Christopher Walken sitting in an empty hotel room.

Then a song came up gradually, Walken stood up, and, suddenly, he began to dance. Expansively, all over that huge hotel lobby.

And then, the song lyrics began to reference Dune. We were seeing, without any warning, Christopher Walken dancing in an empty hotel room to a song that went If you walk without rhythm//it wont//attract//the worm....

By the time he jumped out of an inner balcony and just danced in the air, some part of our brains evolved to feel surprised had just overloaded and shrugged it as par for the course.

I still don't know what it was, but I know it was a masterful, minimalistic example of whatever the heck it was.

The thing itself
cass, can you not

Three years late, and a million dollars short

Just (?) saw for the first time this 2013 Person of Interest vid from [personal profile] astolat, God's Gonna Cut You Down. It's, well, it's perfect. The scene-by-scene matching works excellently (I squeed aloud during the segment that ends with When he said, "John go do My will!"), but it's also of course the philosophical armature of the show, or at least the first part of it.

Now I have Person of Interest feelings again, dammit. Gods battling, and the Hand of God, and payphones, and John just staring down the Machine... It had bad episodes, bad arcs, it wasn't perfect, it wasn't always good, but god, what a well-conceptualized show. A first draft of the present-time Ghost in the Shell series we obviously don't deserve, including Root as one of science-fiction most interesting cyborgs. The Machine whispering on your ear is more powerful than any number of physical enhancements, and the fact that the Machine actually guided Root... that's what a cybernetic organism can look like.
cass, can you not

Unbidden, but not unwelcome

Seemingly out of nowhere, I remembered the first seconds of Jesus Walks — not the song per se, but the Gunn fanvid, which I just watched for the first time in years.

It's still a great vid, and, damn, I miss Angel now, the endlessly depressing and at times very funny story of how a motley crew of secondary characters got their own show and went off to save Los Angeles with admittedly very mixed results. I think that at its core it was simply an object lesson on the ubiquity of unintended consequences, a meditation on the nature and costs of heroism when stripped of the false possibility of a final victory, and, more than anything else, it was about this:

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cass, can you not

A random thoughtlet

This is certainly Vidding Stuff 101, but it occurred to me a couple of days ago that vids are to source material as memory is to our lives. We too remember/remember our lives by editing it into short fragments, putting everything together in whatever order makes more sense to us, and giving it a background tune/emotion that recodifies everything and gives old memories new meanings. When we don't re-edit our lives to match the soundtrack we feel like/have to give it...

And, yes, this is a depressing thought re: the factual basis for the psychological foundations of our selves. We are who we are, but our awareness of what happened to us, not to mention what is happening now, is always at best difficult. Human minds are the best kludges known, but they are still kludges.
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