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cass, can you not

True facts!

Von Braun is of course better known, but the first person to do proper (physics-based) rocket engineering as we understand it was his mentor, Hermann Oberth --- adviser to Fritz Lang, author of a whimsically titled book Primer For Those Who Would Govern, and born on always-picturesque Transylvania.

If Oberth wasn't a vampire genius that sold proto-ICBM technology via his trainee/vampire follower von Braun in exchange for exclusive rights to the Moon, first to the Nazis and then to the US (and/or the Soviets) then the world isn't as interesting as it could be.

I mean, if you are a vampire with knowledge of astronomy, the dark side of the Moon is your idea of paradise (assuming you can solve the feeding issues), and that would neatly explain the lack of (human!) Moon exploration after the first rockets.
cass, can you not

Vampire skeleton found in Venice

For medieval values of 'vampire.' Still, the movie/book/Bones/CSI/X-Files episode writes itself: vampires, plague, Venice, forensic research, blood, and shrouds. Come to think of it, that movie/book has been written tens of times already.

You know, if reality is beginning to imitate fiction in that particular realm, we are interestingly screwed (cf. Borges, and/or Carpenter's In the Mouth of Madness; hey, now I want to read a zombie story from Borges... )

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