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cass, can you not

Mixed results on Project: Responsibility

I just finished reading the entire Gotham Knights run.

On the other hand, I didn't screw up my sleep schedule too badly.

Takeaways: 1. I still have to work on my self-control thing. 2. I find Hush, Prometheus, and their plot lines kind of boring. 3. Between O.M.A.C., the War Games plans, and the Tower of Babel plans (just off the top of my head) at some point Bruce needs to start figuring out a. his IT security sucks, and b. until he fixes it, he should stop deliberately building informational weapons of mass destruction.

PS: I blame movie!Tony Stark for his Ultron more than I blame comics!Hank Pym for his. Pym was building an AI that went exponential very quickly — he's not blameless, mind you. Stark was building a giant robot army *and* he connected to his systems an incredibly powerful piece of alien machinery he didn't have the barest understanding of. And then he. Literally. Went. To. A. Party.

Whether the world needed or not the Sokovia Accords, it very much needs a Somebody Keep Tony Stark On Track Protocol.

No, not you, Banner. Somebody with a better lab safety record.

People, I just had the best idea ever. Put movie!Hank Pym in charge of Tony. They'll *both* hate it, but Pym will make damn sure Tony doesn't do anything dangerous just because it'll annoy him. And whenever it looks like Tony's starting to grow on him (doubtful, but they could bond on tech stuff), just send Hope to work with them for a while. Even if Tony doesn't hit on her, Hank will think he's doing it by not doing it, or something, and then he'll make Tony manually check all 1,129 parts of whatever device they are building.

Tony's too rich to be bound by regulations and too Tony to be bound by common sense, and his warmth wrapped inside trauma clothed by charm hidden by swagger makes him too difficult to have anybody supervise him for long. They fall for him in one way or another.

But Hank Pym. Oh, the first Stark Hanks sees when he looks at Tony isn't Tony, and he doesn't like the second one any better. I'll pay good money to see that, and I'm quite sure both SHIELD and Stark's stockholders would as well.

There, world saved.