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cass, can you not

Want to adopt a bunny?

Although this has probably the opposite of mass appeal...

Putting his safety and sometimes his sanity on the line, young Timothy Drake spends his time off school helping the toughest detective in the city deal his special brand of justice.

Nobody knows what a short, rich, too-serious skinny white boy is doing there, but people have learned not to wonder aloud.

He works for Shaft.

If I had a chance in hell of writing Shaft's voice, I'd write this fic in a heartbeat... *is sad*

ETA: The whole point of this, of course, would be the Jackson/Tim interaction. They'd be adorable, and Shaft probably would employ him.

ETA 2(aka 'dammit, brain, stop'): Tim would be of course the hacker/detective of the pair, and Shaft being Shaft, would probably also learn to use weapons. Tim being Tim, he'd end up blowing up stuff a lot, which'd probably endear him to Shaft even more.

Crap. The good thing is that this is likely one of those one-reader(:the author) fics, so I won't have to actually rent the silly movie and take notes. Right?