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cass, can you not

To perhaps the coolest night of the year

Granted, I'm spending it at my mother's birthday (i.e., Argentinean folkloric music rather than dark forbidden rituals, no minions to carry out unspeakable plans, cake). I won't say that this is the moment when we remember that there are dark things out there (we have daily proof of that in the form of news, experience, and our own thoughts), but that we are capable of coming up with ways to deal with most anything. We sometimes are monsters, but can also be slayers of monsters (specially once we understand them).

Speaking of monsters and heroism, I've been archive binging on The Order of the Stick. It's perhaps the best adventure webcomic I've read; the roleplaying references are very smoothly integrated in the universe, and it has great plotting.

Also, quotes like You have a duty, Belkar. A duty to serve the Greater You. Saving a life, though regrettable, is a small price to pay for a whole lifetime of unfettered killing. (Yes, he's one of the good guys.)