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Fic: Hostage Negotiation (Asimov's Robotverse, PG13, Yuletide)

My Yuletide fic! I'm quite proud of how it worked out and of the feedback it got. I'm told it seemed to match the source well; as I'm often worried about being too settled in the kind of stories I usually write, I'm very happy I could pull off imitating somebody else's style. Besides, my very first science-fiction book was a collection of short stories by Asimov, and I can honestly say that few things have shaped my childhood -and, by implication, all of my life- more than his work.

Title: Hostage Negotiation
Fandom: Isaac Asimov's Robotverse
Rating: PG13
Summary: Understanding is a three-edged sword (if you'll excuse the cross-fandom reference).
Author Notes: My Yuletide 2006 fic, as written for tallulah71. Many, many thanks to ringspells and Guido for their way-above-average beta skills.

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