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cass, can you not

TV! (Wishlist Edition)

Fringe S03E05:

  • I want Earth-1!Olivia to be tied to her world by something else than a guy she had barely began to have feelings for.

  • I want to see Earth-2's Fringe series. A crazy version of you from an alternate universe kidnaps your son and brings havoc to the spacetime in the process, so you make yourself Secretary of Defense, create the Fringe division to keep the world from being destroyed, and seek ways of ending the threat. And they aren't just the good guys; Earth-2!Fringe division is more competent than Earth-1's.

  • I want to see Earth-2!Astrid's backstory.

Supernatural S06E07:

  • I want to see what Cass is doing away from the Twin Centers of the Known Universe (also, because his attempts to be polite even though Dean doesn't get the whole CIVIL WAR IN HEAVEN thing are endearing).

  • I want an AU where Sam actually wanted to be brought back like this.

  • I want to see Team Strategic Genius headdesking repeatedly (I'm being mysterious as not to be spoilery).

  • I want an episode about the Doctor, the overworked official Psychiatrist to the Hunter community (motto: keeping you just sane enough).

cass, can you not

TV! (Pants on Fire Edition)

Supernatural S6E06: My running commentary during was this episode was a series of winces directed at Dean, who is still managing to somehow keep his sanity while facing an insane world. Mind you, his liver probably looks like something he'd shoot rock salt at, but all things considered, he's doing alright in the sanity department, no thanks to a Castiel who's going all Apocalypse Now Heavenside.
cass, can you not

TV! (BE WARNED: Mostly Squee-Free Edition)

Supernatural S06E05: The jokes were kind of un-subtle, and the tension was kind of un-tense, but that second (you know which one)... that second made the hole episode worth it.

Nikita S01E06: I think I'm mostly giving up on the series. Don't get me wrong, Nikita is still more competent that most action heroes (she's a bit like a much better looking, although utterly humorless, Michael Westen). But I don't know what the strategy is here, and I'm beginning to think that nobody has one. Nikita is too much the boy scout, Michael is so gooey it's a miracle he doesn't cancel himself, Percy has the gravitas and strategic depth of Michael Scott, and Alex has no business infiltrating Division, and would have already been killed a dozen times if Birkoff or Amanda were half as competent as they are supposed to be. I like her very much, but she's a Dick/Jason!Robin, not a Tim!Robin.
cass, can you not

TV! (Busy People Edition)

Fringe S03E04: The shapeshifters were used in an almost Cylon-esque way, and as a metaphor for alt!Olivia's difficulties (let's not forget that she seemed to be truly in love with Doctors Abs in the Alterverse). But I suspect we still aren't getting the full picture. Not from Walternate (who knows, but isn't telling), and not from Walter Prime (who knows but probably forgot).

Supernatural S06E04: Let's just say that Bobby is an unholy mixture of Alfred, Oracle, Giles... and the darker sides of each of them. This makes him insanely useful, overworked, and resourceful. I'm disappointed, though, that Crowley's real name wasn't Crowley.
cass, can you not

TV! (Hyperbolic Edition)

Fringe S3E03: Walternate has the largest laboratory in the multiverse. And a pen is the most awesome thing you can kill someone with.

Nikita S1E05: Division has the worst internal security in the world. And Nikita is aiming (without hope, I might add) at Bruce's title for Most Reckless Endangerment of Minors in the Pursuit of Justice.

SPN S6E03: Castiel is the grumpiest airquoting badass motherfucker in the universe. And Sam still rocks as Winchester Most Likely To Be/come Evil, even on the face of Grandpa Samuel's obvious dark vibe. It's not that Sam is oblivious, I think - he just really doesn't see the problem.
cass, can you not

TV! (Questions Edition)

Nikita S01E04: What's Nikita's plan, really? (I wouldn't even bother asking this question about "La Femme Nikita", but here, I think, it's a valid question. This Nikita has prepared this, and I'm quite sure the one-op-at-a-time approach can only be a prelude or even a distraction.)

Fringe S03E02: What's Walternate's plan, really? What's his goal anyway? And why hasn't he just killed Walter? (which would make sense from both personal and strategic points of view) (this might have all been answered in the series, I haven't watched all eps of the previous seasons)

Supernatural S06E02: Is there any wonder that Lucifer chose Sam? And are we sure Lisa isn't a trasmogrified Castiel?