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Werner Herzog will be part of the cast in The Mandalorian. Herzog. In Star Wars. In Disney's Star Wars.

This is infuriatingly too bonkers to accept and not bonkers enough. Either have Herzog threaten with a pike the suit suicidal enough to propose this to him, or have him direct the most existentially grim and barely understandable three hours long episode about a bunch of Imperial Soldiers forced to carry the parts of a giant plasma cannon on their backs up a giant mountain in the desert.

Or a documentary about Luke being eaten by Ewoks, if you want to be predictable.

But, god, not this halfway crap. The timeline is screwed up as it is. Go for broke.

(I'm still bummed we didn't get a Star Trek with Hannibal aesthetics. Imagine the aliens. Imagine the (fully canonical) weirdness. Imagine the Mirror Universe.)

Saw The Last Jedi yesterday

With some uneveness, the post-Original Trilogy Star Wars movie I enjoyed the most, very likely. It has more humor than I expected, and a few unarguably gorgeous shots.

YMM, of course, V. If you're planning to watch it, though, best do it as soon as you can to minimize the chances of spoilers; it's not entirely devoid of (IMHO, well-deployed) surprises.

Clone Wars is on TV

You know, it's weird to think that one of the most "mainstream" SF wars is really taking place between a bio-engineered army of clones and one composed mostly of robots, with both sides led by a few elite psychic warriors.

And yet Tony Stark keeps deploying his technology one suit at a time. Just another way in which Doom is a conceptual generation or two ahead of the good guys.

I think a lot about things like this

Laserlike energy weapons, although fast, are usually ineffectual against Jedis, because they have a narrow profile, and Jedi "reflexes" (actually, very short-term kinetic precognition) allow them to block shots with lightsabers.

What you want, instead, is a wide area, fast rate weapon. Even if its shots are slower, lightsabers only cover a very narrow angle, so the target won't be able to block all the incoming shots at once.

This is only a roundabout way of getting to my main point, which is that I'm pretty sure I can take a Jedi from mid-range with an Uzi.


Best Phantom Menace review ever


From Wired: Meet Leland Chee, the Star Wars Franchise Continuity Cop. He found a way to get paid to maintain a database of SW continuity data; that's pretty impressive as fannish lifestyles go (even if he's rather wary of fans and fandom (*boo*)).

On the other hand, if he really wants a challenge, he should try doing the same for DC or Marvel :).


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