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Saw The Last Jedi yesterday

With some uneveness, the post-Original Trilogy Star Wars movie I enjoyed the most, very likely. It has more humor than I expected, and a few unarguably gorgeous shots.

YMM, of course, V. If you're planning to watch it, though, best do it as soon as you can to minimize the chances of spoilers; it's not entirely devoid of (IMHO, well-deployed) surprises.

Clone Wars is on TV

You know, it's weird to think that one of the most "mainstream" SF wars is really taking place between a bio-engineered army of clones and one composed mostly of robots, with both sides led by a few elite psychic warriors.

And yet Tony Stark keeps deploying his technology one suit at a time. Just another way in which Doom is a conceptual generation or two ahead of the good guys.

I think a lot about things like this

Laserlike energy weapons, although fast, are usually ineffectual against Jedis, because they have a narrow profile, and Jedi "reflexes" (actually, very short-term kinetic precognition) allow them to block shots with lightsabers.

What you want, instead, is a wide area, fast rate weapon. Even if its shots are slower, lightsabers only cover a very narrow angle, so the target won't be able to block all the incoming shots at once.

This is only a roundabout way of getting to my main point, which is that I'm pretty sure I can take a Jedi from mid-range with an Uzi.


Best Phantom Menace review ever


From Wired: Meet Leland Chee, the Star Wars Franchise Continuity Cop. He found a way to get paid to maintain a database of SW continuity data; that's pretty impressive as fannish lifestyles go (even if he's rather wary of fans and fandom (*boo*)).

On the other hand, if he really wants a challenge, he should try doing the same for DC or Marvel :).


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