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cass, can you not

Damn. Ambushed by my mind - again.

Not really a story, just an image that hit my brain a couple of minutes ago.

In the childhood of time people could do everything, because they needed no reason but their own joy. So they built a tower that reached the sky and stood next to it.

And pushed.

And shouted with joy as it crashed down.

"What do you want to do now?" one asked as the dust settled.

"Let's invent languages!" said another.
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cass, can you not

Don't laugh. This is an important milestone for the DCU.

"Would you mind bringing me a sandwich, Alvin?"

"Sure thing, Mr. Bacon," the boy said, walking through the studio as if he weren't actually looking for a disguised assassin.

* * *

With this ficlet, DC fanon has probably reached one degree of separation with Kevin Bacon, as pretty much *anybody* has worked with one version or another of Tim[1], and we now have Tim-and-Kevin-Bacon fic. I can go to bed now feeling accomplished, I reckon.

[1] If there is somebody who hasn't, drop his/her/its name on the comments and I'll write a ficlet solving the problem.[2]
[2] That's not a challenge, by the way. It's just acknowledging my utter incapability to resist prompts for fics that involve Tim working with X, for pretty much any value of X. And by "prompts," I mean "the merest hints of."