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From Hell's heart, I'll open a support request ticket!

[First World problems took over my day.][Number of calls to the Customer Service dept of four different companies: 39 (going by my phone's history log).][Annoyance level: Code Pitchfork.]

Marcus Aurelius would ask me to go to any random news site and see if this stuff is worth getting angry about, and he'd be right. Organizational incompetence and mendacity can and do cause a lot of human suffering, but flaky internet and credit card issues hardly qualify.

I do feel somewhat better after thinking this through.

But, boy, I could name four companies that are very lucky I don't have the Roman Army at my disposal.
cass, can you not

Blah, blah, boringcakes Apocalypse

Apocalypse by Spontaneous Moral Symmetry Breaking

Evil was not inherent in the physical laws of the universe.

And then it was.

There hadn't been any gods, mad or otherwise. And then there were, and the world was as if they had always been- No. They have always been. The past is a function of reality. The transition event extended both after and before itself.

Then why do I remember that it was once otherwise? I don't think I was exempt from it.

I think this is my own parametrization of Hell.

We do not die. That would be hope, an axiomatically self-contradictory concept. If we waited eons enough, another transition might be possible. Causeless salvation by randomness.

If Time worked as it used to.

(In conclusion: Writing the superhero-less version of Final Crisis as it happened in my head? A bit harder than I thought.)