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cass, can you not

Ficlet: Thereafter (PG13, Marceloverse)

Title: Thereafter
Rating: PG18, just in case.
Characters: Slade, Cain, Shiva.
Summary: Being hard to kill isn't the same as being hard to hurt. But he has experience surviving that, too.
Author Notes: First warning: katarik asked for this. Second warning: it's a Marceloverse fic (which means it makes no sense if you haven't read these).

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cass, can you not

Fic: Carving (DCU, R, AU)

Title: Carving
Summary: It's Cass/Slade. I think that counts as both summary and warning.
Rating: R, but if you know Slade and Cass at all, your brain will be happy to provide the NC-17 on request.
Notes: Post-Robin #150 AU.

Special thanks to katarik for inspiration, beta, and general awesomeness.

Daughter daughter whistle
And you shall have a sheep

(English traditional verse, Anon.)

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