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Let it not be said that they skirted away from how god-damn awfully skeevy Slade is in this one, because they so very much didn't. Heck, they added one or two extra-skeevy moments not in the original comics, just for good measure, and not even ones that advance the plot in any way.


A belated birthday gift for sockich

A few interesting facts about Slade:

  • There's always an extra bit of utterly terrifying canon you haven't heard about yet.

  • katarik, on the other hand, has.

  • And she will write -and induce others to write- fic based on it.

Further proof of this.

Ficlet: Thereafter (PG13, Marceloverse)

Title: Thereafter
Rating: PG18, just in case.
Characters: Slade, Cain, Shiva.
Summary: Being hard to kill isn't the same as being hard to hurt. But he has experience surviving that, too.
Author Notes: First warning: katarik asked for this. Second warning: it's a Marceloverse fic (which means it makes no sense if you haven't read these).

The world is simpler tonight.Collapse )
Title: The gulfs between the lights
Rating: PG13
Fandom: DCU
Summary: Honor is both about what we do and about what we don't.
Author Notes: Titans Tomorrow universe. Maybe. A gift for katarik.

You are far away from home, Slade.Collapse )
Title: Love, Loyalty and Other Useful Lies
Rating: PG13
Fandom: DCU
Summary: No matter the universe, Slade always plays by his own rules.
Author Notes: Earth-2. Not a CSA AU as much as a CSA-verse adjunct. Many thanks for katarik for beta help.

He remembered how things were before the Crime Syndicate came along. Pretty much the same.Collapse )

Five Ways Bruce And Slade Had Sex

Title: Five Ways Bruce And Slade Had Sex
Rating: PG13, surprisingly.
Author Notes: As per katarik's request.

It's always wrong, and it's always right.Collapse )



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