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cass, can you not

So... six words stories.

razorsmile thought I should.

I'm... Alright, I'm easy. But you all knew that already.

*coughs* Concise Countdown: An Infinite Crisis AU in six parts and very few words

"Tegrof," she said. He did. Everything.
* * *
"We erased Batman?" "Looks happy."
* * *
Weeping, glowing red eyes.
* * *
Zatanna ran. Alone.
* * *
Guilt maddens.
* * *

There. Hope it made sense... And because a more traditional six words fic is possibly a good idea, too: Bruce misremembers. His father did it. Or, in less angsty and more technological news: Rule 12: No Carter Holograms, Rodney. And just because, an oldie: Lois knows, but can't prove. Yet?

Plus: Wraiths sing between ships of John. And: "Batman." "Xena." "...Bruce." "*smirk*" Gabrielle fumed.
cass, can you not

Civil War, DC style

I'm bored, that's why.

Five Reactions to the Metahuman Registration Act: An epic fic in five lines

1. Booster Gold was the first in line.
2. Batman said there was no need, he already knew all the IDs.
3. Diana registered as Diana in a confusing show of goodwill.
4. Ollie called it fascism from his office in City Hall.
5. Superman made an speech, Clark Kent covered it, and President Ross vetoed the bill.

The end.
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