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A quick SGA reminder

Ah, a series for which you had to tell the protagonist John, do NOT TOUCH the glowing alien fungus!

John Sheppard: way more nu!Kirk than old school!Kirk. Although the glowing alien fungus didn't kick nearly enough crap out of John for him to replicate nu!Kirk's unique leadership style ("annoy people until they pay attention to you, keep annoying them until they try to kill you, and then annoy them some more until you get your way" --- although classic!Spock has a metric ton of knowledge inside his shiny Vulcan brain, I'm sure they are going to send the Enterprise on a five year exploration mission anyway, if nothing else to have the brat somewhere far, far away).

I'm sure somewhere there's bratswap crossover fic with Episode II!Anankin and nu!Kirk.


My last fic for the Multiverse5000 challenge.

Title: Conjunction
Fandoms: Star Trek (TNG), Firefly, Stargate Atlantis
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Death, darkness, confusion. Nothing sexual or explicit.
Thanks to, in no particular order: hl, rynia, autopoiesis, outlawpoet, not_sally.
Word count: About two hundred.

A last attempt at diplomacy in an universe gone mad.Collapse )

Random historical AU woolgathering

I just spent an hour or so tracking down SGA vids ---as always, I must obey the inscrutable exhortations of my soul--- when I realized, only a few years too late, what the Pegasus galaxy reminded me of: Eastern Europe (for some stereotypical vaguely XVIIth century values of).

Which lead me to think about the Pegasus galaxy being this metaphor about an European Late Antiquity in which the "barbarians" from the arch between Northern Europe and the steppes were stronger than in RL, so the Roman retrenchment/reconfiguration was more of an actual collapse. Every few generations, the barbarians come, cull everybody, and then retreat.

One day a plucky band of alternate!Americans (and one alternate!Canadian) suddenly appear in the until then empty streets of Rome.

(Of course, all metaphors, analogies, and coincidences are mostly the latter. I'm just nostalgically AUing.)


Very few other shows would have a barely teenage bona fide princess have a verbal slapfight with the genius middle-aged sidekick guy over whether or not she'll get to marry the middle-aged action hero guy. I mean, they could, but not while genius middle-aged sidekick guy's body language screams "No way - he's *my* cuddlebunny!" in a very high-pitched voice.

Of course, said middle-aged action hero guy is known to express the same puzzlement in front of interesting or interested females than an octopus would show for an all-terrain bike (although he occasionally does interact with them, in the form of mumbling a few words while not looking at them, metaphorically pulling their ponytails, or complaining that he's big enough to stay awake watching tv, mom, and also he wants marshmallows please).

Also interesting and somewhat disturbing is the fact that this seems to make him more attractive to women, much to genius middle-aged sidekick guy's dismay.


SGA Fic: Sub Rosa (PG13)

Written for the latest artword challenge, with inspiration from and a fantastic cover by ringspells.

Title: Sub Rosa
Author: __marcelo
Artist: ringspells
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Post finale.
Wordcount: About 150 words.
Characters: Team.

Summary: No place on Earth is theirs.



QuickSGA rec

A Short Record of Outmoded Concepts and Theories of the Tauri'i, by pogrebin. From the title, I thought it would be comedy.

It's not.

And it's beautiful.


Fic: Crescent Moon (SGA, PG13)

Written for the artword Challenge 015, Astronomy.

A link to the fic, including an astoundingly beautiful cover by the better half of the team, ringspells.


For the 2008 Catchallthon, poisontaster gave me Supersedure. You should read it even if you aren't an SGA fan or don't know who the Wraith are. It works just as well as plain science fiction (and you know I can seldom give a higher praise than that).

Trust me, you have never seen the Wraith like this before.


Written for fleshlycherry.

Title: Acts of War: Four Given Things
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Rating: PG13
Summary: And then, what?
Warnings: AU, dark, deaths, sex you might not approve of. But neither non-con nor gore.
Author Notes: Many, many thanks to the wonderful not_sally and ringspells.

You shouldn't be here, said Ronon.Collapse )


(Short) Reactions to SGA 5x01

I know it's been out for a while, I've been sort of busy with other fandoms and whatnot.

Spoilers, of course, and a casting one for the seasonCollapse )



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