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cass, can you not

*clings to the scans*

Just reread Dixon and Grant's Robin v1, aka The One Where Tim Gets His Newsletter from the Sherlock Holmes Society but Has His Basil Rathbone Movie Preempted By Bad News, Kicks Ass In A Suit, Wears A Red Hood, Gets Into Dick and Jason's Short Pants, Has His Butt Kicked in Paris, the French Countryside, and Hong Kong by An Exponentially Worsening Chain of Ass-kickers, Intrigues Shiva Enough To Remain Alive After Saying "No" To Her A Couple of Times, Briefly Meets Ducard, and Generally Speaking, Goes From "I'm Not Sure I'll Ever Be Robin" to "Boy, I'm Already Feeling My Soul Wilting Under the Weariness of this Robin Thing, And Also Bruce Doesn't Look Saner From This Side of the Fence" In About Three Weeks.

Tim Drake: the Robin who needs a nap, like, all the time.
cass, can you not

Movie paused to ask myself

... Did Dick, dressed as Batman, just comment on some katana-wielding Sisters by saying That would make them nunjas?

Yes. Yes, I think he did. Of course he did.

I think I now understand better Robin's tactical role. No matter how focused you are on following your plan, it's impossible to stay on mission when there's this kid dressed like a colorblind elf saying things like that. You just can't. You'd be aiming at Batman's back, ready to shoot, and you'd hesitate half a second too long, struggling between your cherished goal of killing Batman and your sudden, physical need to shoot that kid so he'll shut the fuck up. Must've been excruciating.

Hell, I'm sure Batman had to train himself specifically so he wouldn't stop during a fight to make sure he heard Dick say what he knows he said. Alfred probably has to deal every month with one or two young orphans bent on revenge who have crossed the world to reach Wayne Manor and learn Battle Punning at the feet of Dick Grayson.
cass, can you not

Rumour has it...

... TPTB have decided that DCnU-Tim Drake is going to never have been Robin.

I think this is a short-sighted move from them (assuming the rumour to be true), but, although Tim-Drake-as-Robin is probably second only to Bruce/Batman in terms of comics characters that hold personal meaning to me, I don't feel as slighted by the retcon as I initially thought I would be.

When you get right down to it, Tim Drake-as-things-other-than-Robin was probably around half of my overall fannish output, right? It's likely that they have also changed his personality in ways that would make me angry, should I read the material, but the change on his resume isn't, on itself, something that puts me off.
cass, can you not

I just...

YES. GO TIM GO! (Red Robin #3)

That is my Timmy. My crazy-smart disturbed crazy Timmy. I know what he found. I know what he figured out.


God, I love him so much.


Deadpool #13.

True Summary, redacted so it doesn't offend or spoil anyone: Wade wants to become a *bleep*, so he gets the biggest *bleeps* he can, dresses Bob as a *bleep*, and *bleeps* him with his *bleep* stick a lot. Then on an island Wade finds a *bleep* girl, and gets her to be his *bleep* in exchange for *bleeping* her *bleep*.

(Bleeped out words available on demand.)
cass, can you not

Seen all over my f-list

Dick "DJ" Grayson. Right.


a) Anticipating the pain of canon being shredded in twenty different ways just in the pilot. For starters, I don't think the series is going to be about a small kid - if they are going after the Smallville demographic, he's going to be at least a teen, already messing up the timeline.

b) Nine words: Dawson's Creek On A Circus. And There Is Crime.

c) (If the series gets popular) Dreading the back-influence of TV-canon into comics a couple of years down the road.

d) Quietly grateful that they didn't go for a pre-Batman Bruce show (but only because that's the show I've always dreamed about watching, and I know there's no way they'd do it right).
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