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cass, can you not

RL sucks

My not-really-fast internet is borked, and my ISP won't send a technician until Friday to "solve" the same issue I've had every other month for the last, dunno, year.

Meanwhile, Warren Ellis is publishing a comic about multiple deep black groups with ultrahigh tech fighting a secret war to control the world, and the lone genius who came up with yet more ultrahigh tech and it's going to throw everything out of balance (The Wild Storm #1, recommended if you're into Ellis and/or Hickman).

First-worldish problems, I know. And in a news channel I keep as background a D.A. is talking about an horrifying thing I'd rather not spoil your day by telling you about, so I'll try and keep perspective.
cass, can you not

Atoms are for chocolate

After four months in my new apartment, I thought it'd be a good idea to take the piles of books stacked against the walls and re-order them alphabetically.

It wasn't. My 8pm self is a sadistic trickster, that's what he is.

Now there's a n-1 relationship between alphabet letters and book piles, by author, although each pile isn't sorted, and a topical order would be much more useful (and take a damn lot of time).

Objects without identification+location chips somewhere in them (so I could keep them unsorted, but find anything quickly anyway) are evil and wrong and part of the resistentialist conspiracy.
cass, can you not

Two things I did today

  • Finished re-watching Sanctuary, mostly on fallacious grounds that I was watching it more often than I had scheduled for anyway. In conclusion, and as a lifelong Bruce Wayne fan: Helen Magnus is the grown-up Bruce Wayne.

  • Went to the Enrique Larreta Museum of Spanish Art, a very beautiful old house with mostly 16th/17th century Spanish art, and usually beautiful gardens. My idea was to idle around for a couple of hours, reading, but the gardens were so ill-tended that the frog calling and insect buzzing reminded me of The Colour Out of the Sky, and I left the place after half an hour for A/C and a panini.

cass, can you not

A Fringe Event in my life

Expected: I'm getting back into experimenting a bit with tDCS (Transcranial direct-current stimulation), so I bought a couple bits of hardware to start tinkering with.

Unexpected: The guy at the electronics shop who sold them to me looked a lot like Peter Bishop.


Yeah, right.