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cass, can you not

Currently and sporadically reading The Annihilation Score

To no one's surprise, I find the marital stuff far more distressing an difficult to go through than the CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN shenanigans.

In unrelated news, I've decided to call going through a Will Graham the state of there being such a multi-layered depth of ubiquitous insane things going on in your life that you can't summon to energy to feel anything but mild curiosity when the next nominally terrifying catastrophe is inevitably added to the mix. It's a quantum entanglement situation where fucks are retroactively collapsed before they can be given.

In a progressive scale, there's 1000% done, there's out-of-fucks, there's haunted, and then there's Season 3 Will Graham, who has gone all the way around to no longer feeling uncomfortable with every single thing in the world being wrong in ever-evolving horrible ways.
cass, can you not

Just finished William Gibson's "The Peripheral"

Mini-review to follow at some point, as usual (note to self: the jackpot is a very interesting concept). Just wanted to leave myself a reminder of that peculiar feeling when you're reading a book across many days, different things getting in the way, so you can never advance much, until you cross some sort of combined threshold of frustration and progress, drop everything else you should be doing, and just sit with it until you finish regardless of how long it takes.

It's a pretty common experience, I think, and not necessarily far from other, less mild forms of compulsive behavior, but at some level I really wish I could set up my life so I could always pick up a book knowing that I need not put it down unless I wanted to (or I fell asleep, or, you know, just fell --- there are already too many restrictions of the sort, and somehow we keep adding more).