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cass, can you not

Justice League Unlimited #8

The Question's filing system in his Watchtower quarters (paper, of course, inside a lead-lined cabinet rigged with a napalm bomb that goes off if somebody tries to open it without the code) has two categories for people: "Allies" (explicit quotes) and Known Enemies.

Flawless characterization, that.

I suspect you can identify somebody by their filing systems — forensic index analysis?

(Also, I'm sure that, should Flash have to keep one, it'd be enough to give Batman a brain aneurysm on sight.)
cass, can you not

Life is always the question, isn't it?

Life was totally a Question AU, wasn't it?

And Dani ~ Montoya (straight, this being TV) and Tidwell ~ Bullock (cleaned up for TV). So if something happens to Charlie, then Ted (~ Aristotle, very sort of) opens up Charlie's bag of resources for Dani, who becomes the next Charlie.