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cass, can you not

Fools rush where bats take their time

philosophy_20. The Joker. You know the deal.

I have no idea.

1.Birth 2.Loss 3.Ends Justify The Means 4.Inertia 5.Syzygy
6.Theory 7.Both Sides 8.Faith 9.Orientation 10.Time
11.Extrinsic 12.6th Sense 13.Love Beyond Desire 14.Parallel 15.Infinity
16.God 17.Lack of God 18.And if the answer is no / can I change your mind? 19.Caught in the form of limitation. 20.Reflection
cass, can you not

I'm probably going to start posting fannish fic again soon

Or at least as soon as the philosophy_20 people approve my claim.

On one hand, yay. I miss being actively fannish. I'm still a comics reader, but that's not the same as writing.

On the other hand, nothing good will come of this particular philosophy_20 challenge. Lex and the Justice League were great ideas, what'll do now is just insane.

Perhaps that's exactly what I need. I've been getting more paralyzed with each month. Some action will be good for the old braincells.