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Three years late, and a million dollars short

Just (?) saw for the first time this 2013 Person of Interest vid from [personal profile] astolat, God's Gonna Cut You Down. It's, well, it's perfect. The scene-by-scene matching works excellently (I squeed aloud during the segment that ends with When he said, "John go do My will!"), but it's also of course the philosophical armature of the show, or at least the first part of it.

Now I have Person of Interest feelings again, dammit. Gods battling, and the Hand of God, and payphones, and John just staring down the Machine... It had bad episodes, bad arcs, it wasn't perfect, it wasn't always good, but god, what a well-conceptualized show. A first draft of the present-time Ghost in the Shell series we obviously don't deserve, including Root as one of science-fiction most interesting cyborgs. The Machine whispering on your ear is more powerful than any number of physical enhancements, and the fact that the Machine actually guided Root... that's what a cybernetic organism can look like.
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Asset State: Conflicted

What Person of Interest did in The Crossing was unjustifiably lazy storytelling (to mention but one of the issues), yet The Devil's Share was an incredibly intense episode in which pretty much everybody was terrifyingly badass.

The worst thing is that the fridging wasn't necessary. None of the characters in the show needed much in terms of extra motivation to go forth and unleash hell; canonically, that tends to be more or less their standard modus operandi for grocery runs. We could have had The Devil's Share without The Crossing, or with a different, less predictable one.

I feel doubly bad about this, because otherwise I'd have enjoyed things more.

That said, the development and space initially secondary characters get in the show is remarkable. Harold and John were, if not secondary, at least stylized in this last episode (although not unimpressive by any means) --- it was Shaw, Fusco, and Root's show, to a very large degree. (Which is also understandable in Watsonian terms: John was so hurt he was moving almost in automatic, and Harold was so worried he was almost losing it.)(Which underscores an interesting, perhaps unintended, meta-point of Person of Interest: when things go really bad, you *do* want something in your corner like Shaw, somebody like Root, somebody like the Machine --- although of course, the issue is how to keep them there.)
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Person of Interest

If I had the drawing skills, I'd make a variation of the semi-meme Pacific Rim fanart in which Shaw as a Carter Fan #1 t-shirt, Reese has a Carter Fan Club President one, and Fusco's says Carter Fan Club Founder.

What she's been doing? It's beautiful.
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Fic: A Woman in Let's Say Denver (PG13)

Title: A Woman in Let's Say Denver
Rating: PG13

The first two calls you think are just a sort of weird postmodern prank where the lack of meaning is the point. The third call catches you bored, and when you find out you can't trace it back you get somewhat interested. It's obvious that the message was a Social Security number, but you don't understand what that person is supposed to mean.

Two days later he dies.

You don't know even approximately what's going on, but you're not surprised when you get a fourth call.