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Entries by tag: othersideverse

Some days the Unexpected Awesome happens

Mari has written an Othersideverse story, the first of hopefully many, and I very much love the characters she has chosen and what she's doing with them. Go and read it.

File under awesome

katarik has just written Somebody or something, a downright fantastic ficlet in the Othersideverse universe.

Good thing I'm not in that universe, because my smile now is Arkham-worthy.

Bukowski Othersideverse Poetry

Found this on my commonplace book, and at once I thought of Bruce and Othersideverse!Bruce (granted, I might be a tad obsessed, but look at the first lines and tell me it doesn't fit...).

don't forget, by Charles Bukowski

there is always somebody or something
waiting for you,
something stronger, more intelligent,
more evil, more kind, more durable,
something bigger, something better,
something worse, something with
eyes like the tiger, jaws like the shark,
something crazier than crazy,
saner than sane,
there is always something or somebody
waiting for you

(continues beyond the cut)Collapse )

For squee, rec and archival purposes

katarik just posted Othersideverse fic. Steph Othersideverse fic.

I'd write a more proper squee here, but that'd distract you from going there and reading it. Go.

ficlet: Punchline (Othersideverse, PG13)

Title: Punchline
Rating: PG13
Author notes: Othersideverse Backflow. Thanks to katarik for helpful mistake-catching (all remaining ones are mine, it goes without saying).

The Waynes shielded their son. Two shots echoed against the dirty alley.Collapse )

ficlet: Of means and ends

Title: Of means and ends
Rating: PG13
Author Notes: An Othersideverse Backflow fic.

Jason Blood had let him known about the magical disturbance.Collapse )
Title: Offerings of the tide.
Rating: PG13.
Author notes: Very short. Takes place in the Othersideverse Backflow sub-AU.

Nothing.Collapse )

Further notes.Collapse )

fic: Backflow (Othersideverse AU, PG13)

Title: Backflow
Rating: PG13
Author Notes: Othersideverse, but most definitely an AU.

The bomb exploded, killing Jason instantly.Collapse )
Title: The Other Side of the Joke
Rating: PG13
Author Notes: As an experiment, I'm collating most of the Othersideverse fics in a single one, with a few new lines here and there to help glue everything together plus a brand-new almost-ficlet somewhere in the middle. Does it work better like this or in its original form?

It begins with ten years of unexplained killings and ends, of course, in death.Collapse )


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