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Alright, yes, that was funny

I'm a few years behind the curve on this one, but I'm currently listening to UberConference's I'm On Hold hold song, and it's quite funny, specially as it took me by surprise (which is how this kind of self-aware thing works, when and if they do). But I can see it getting annoying after a while.
cass, can you not

Despite appearances, the utterly bizarre is older than 2017

This is a reminder that around 2001 it was released a music video that began, unexpectedly, with Christopher Walken sitting in an empty hotel room.

Then a song came up gradually, Walken stood up, and, suddenly, he began to dance. Expansively, all over that huge hotel lobby.

And then, the song lyrics began to reference Dune. We were seeing, without any warning, Christopher Walken dancing in an empty hotel room to a song that went If you walk without rhythm//it wont//attract//the worm....

By the time he jumped out of an inner balcony and just danced in the air, some part of our brains evolved to feel surprised had just overloaded and shrugged it as par for the course.

I still don't know what it was, but I know it was a masterful, minimalistic example of whatever the heck it was.

The thing itself
cass, can you not

On the constancy of human nature

Today I heard for the first time Figaro's aria from The Barber of Seville with translated subtitles. Mutatis mutandis, it could've been released yesterday! (on Tidal, probably) He's literally boasting about how cool his life is, how he's the greatest guy in town, how everybody choruses his name, and about all the "perks" that come with his job (interestingly enough, both young women and young gentlemen).

About 85% of the reason why I love this song is Bugs Bunny, but now that I've read the lyrics, I like it even more.

ETA: Even if you already knew the lyrics, do watch the video. The guy playing Figaro nails the attitude.
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Success! (At a pointless quest! (But success!))

Today while in a cab I heard a song... You already know how it goes. Unintelligible and ungoogleable hip hop lyrics, late 80s to early 90s (I guessed as much because it sounded old yet familiar to me, and that's the oldest period for which I have musical memories), not much else to go on.

I googled approximate words anyway, looked through lists of top songs for the period, tried those "just hum the song at us" services, even went through all five parts of Jimmy Fallon annd Justin Timberlake's history of rap series (mostly for fun, I admit). And finally, minutes away from giving up two hours of search, I found it.

On one hand, "somebody with broadband in 2015 finds the name of a song that's so un-obscure that it's still being played on the radio" is hardly the stuff legendary triumphs are made of. But on the other hand, it's a small victory over personal entropy, and I'll take as many of them that I can find.

Anyway, for future reference: Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia).
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Current artistic crush: Emilie Autumn

I mean, her. I didn't know anything about her until I heard her "God Help Me" in a fanmix about movieverse!Erik, but after that, torrents were my friends. Violins, harsh, smart lyrics, and sometimes classical references. She undeniably rocks.

A warning, though. Some of her lyrics, and definitely parts of her biography, can be very triggering for issues related to mental health, particularly institutionalization.
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If right now you feel like somebody is walking over your grave... we M's are plotting

Just so this isn't an empty post: I didn't like the Quantum of Solace opening, but I loved the song. I think it has very Craig!Bond lyrics. It describes a rough world of damaged and damaging people, something more savage than other incarnations of Bond.

Which is why I didn't like QoS that much: the villain and his plot were Brosnian. This is a much more damaged, but also more emotional (and hence more dangerous to everybody involved) Bond. Even if it begins not being personal for him, it has to be personal for the bad guy. They have to have a relationship for this to work - Craig!Bond doesn't play chess (which is a villain's game), but neither does (or should) he play blackjack, which is a nihilist's game. He plays poker as a contact sport, and then breaks your head against a bathroom wall.
cass, can you not

For reference, awesomeness, and practice (just in case)

It has been one of my favorites for years, so you probably already know it:

Carol of the Old Ones MP3.
Web page.

Look to the sky, way up on high
There in the night stars are now right.
Eons have passed: now then at last
Prison walls break, Old Ones awake!
They will return: mankind will learn
New kinds of fear when they are here.
They will reclaim all in their name;
Hopes turn to black when they come back.
Ignorant fools, mankind now rules
Where they ruled then: it's theirs again

Collapse )

If you've read the lyrics so far: the music does justice to the words, and then some.