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Mister Miracle #6

Brilliant as usual, but not a brilliant depiction of (theologically weaponized) depression for a change. Yet there's always next issue.
Mister Miracle #3 is still fantastic, even when you see things coming. It's not about the surprise, it's about the walls closing in. Sometimes you see them close in, sometimes you suddenly feel a wall against your back that wasn't there a second ago. Sometimes you fail to forget you're already entombed. It's the kind of mood Dark Metal #3 tries and epically fails to conjure.

The other better-than-Dark-Metal-at-its-own-game comic from this week I wanted to mention is Michael Cray #1, which gives you the skin-crawling worst-fear-about-yourself version of a mainstay DC hero Dark Metal tries and epically fails to come up with

As both trigger warning and compliment, neither is recommended if you aren't feeling very well spoons-wise yourself (unless it sounds like it could be therapeutic)(but, really, Mister Miracle #1 *begins* with the suicide attempt of Scott Free, so keep that in mind).

Mister Miracle #1

Trigger warnings for suicide, mental health issues, or (and?) Darkseid messing up with the fabric of reality itself. Again. Either one can be thought of as a/the trap — how do you escape reality or what you perceive as reality? — so Scott is a good metaphor POV for that kind of thing. Ideally, they won't necessarily explain it one way or another.

It has something of an Animal Man vibe to it, but with a more tsunami-like approach to a rising tide of dread.

Barda is heartbreaking and adorable and scary (in good good and bad ways).

Recommended, unless you're not in the right headspace for it (in which case don't worry, comics and books always wait for you).


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