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A random Aha! moment

One of the consistent factors shaping our species' history has been the discovery, development, and use of psychoactive technologies (substances, games, media, storytelling genres, and a hugeish etc). We naked apes have itchy, hungry, wonderful brains, and we'll manipulate, lick, do, or read practically anything and anyone on the off chance that it might be interesting.


Sorry about my radio silence during the last few days. I've been feeling... emotional. Unfocused. Adrift. Angry at nothing in particular. Days passing by without me quite knowing what the hell I did (Bond, The Prestige, chatting, two Maigret books, a book on the history of architecture, random miscellanea... I have no idea what else.)

I hate -hatehatehatehate- feeling and being like this.

OTOH, that's probably a reasonable emotional frame to approach Dexter from.

Spoilers for Dexter up to ep 11, but not for the books, as I haven't read them (so please no spoilers in the comments)Collapse )


Re: that last fic I posted.

What I really wanted to write about, but couldn't figure out, is this: How is it to live in a city next to Arkham, the multiverse's most porous holding facility for insane, violent criminal geniuses? How does that feel? What kind of mental and practical adjustments do they have to do?

I mused about that for a while, got no farther than "Gothamites are insane, that's the thing," and instead wrote urban fluff.

*shrugs* Maybe later. Feel free to do whatever you want with the idea, of course.

ETA FOR THE AGES: Katarik rules over Gotham, verily. That's all.

ETA OF NO, THAT WASN'T ALL: And she rules over Clark too.

A random thoughtlet

This is certainly Vidding Stuff 101, but it occurred to me a couple of days ago that vids are to source material as memory is to our lives. We too remember/remember our lives by editing it into short fragments, putting everything together in whatever order makes more sense to us, and giving it a background tune/emotion that recodifies everything and gives old memories new meanings. When we don't re-edit our lives to match the soundtrack we feel like/have to give it...

And, yes, this is a depressing thought re: the factual basis for the psychological foundations of our selves. We are who we are, but our awareness of what happened to us, not to mention what is happening now, is always at best difficult. Human minds are the best kludges known, but they are still kludges.


Today's obvious reflexion

Note: this started as a personal rant about stuff, and somewhat ended up as a poorly-structured, unsupported observation about comic book characters. Go figure.

A subtle but persistent inconsistency in the way in which a person's social environment interfaces with him/her will cause ever-mounting levels of stress. If the inconsistency is such that both sides of the proposition are necessary to the organism's integrity, then it is almost irredeemably screwed.

Catch-22.Collapse )


FIC: Once upon a time (DCU, PG13)

TITLE: Once upon a time.
NOTES: Not an AU. Well, at least not inside my head.

There was this kid, you see...Collapse )

And now some author notes, because the meta is what drove me to write the fic.Collapse )


For the record

Nathan is insane and evilish, and should really, *really* stop trying to do social engineering.

In an unrelated matter, he's going to be smacked down like whoa. But just because of comics convention. I'm amazed at what Marvel has done with him in Cable/Deadpool; it's not unheard-of in comics, of course (e.g., Zenith), but in a Big Two universe... it's pretty amazing. He'll fail, but it's amazing.

That said, I like the way he thinks. *BIG* big picture, and definitely outside the comics box. Reminds me of B5's Sheridan at his best (to my eyes, the end of the Shadow War is one of the finest moments of TV sci-fi ever - Sheridan was the Arthur who sent Merlin packing away, and god dammit, but was it time we stopped following Merlins... now if we can only stop making up Arthurs...). But I ramble.

I wonder how the heck will Blood of Apocalypse (which I will probably not enjoy much) play with/into the Civil War.


Rec and Whine

Rec: Next Avengers: Illuminati is a very interesting read (and very surprisingly, *not* a What If?, despite the feeling of it). Recommended to DCU people, to be read keeping in mind that Marvel!Earth never had its own Superman or equivalent.

Whine: I claimed Tim Drake (DC Comics) for psych_30, but Transference would be such a lovely (read: creepy) thing to write with *toon*!Tim. Comics!Tim doesn't lack issues, of course, but I don't want to dilute the concept of transference as taking place in other than a patient-therapist context (I did take two semesters of psych in a thoroughly Freudian college, but that's another tale), and... argh.


A bit of nostalgia.

Just saw again Buffy's graduation day. Xander kicked all kinds of ass. You know who he suddenly made me think about during the battle with Giant Snake Thing? Spareverse's Jason (echoes of Diana's soldier/general comment).

Also, it's interesting to note that Buffy's strategy resembled what she'd end up doing to close the Hellmouth itself, again against overwhelming forces: empower everybody, and then blow everything up.

Angel's failure to do the same at the end of his series might, metacontextually, mean somethingsomething. Pound by pound, I think Angel's crew at the end kicked more ass, but all the bruhahaha on "Champions" clouded the issue.

Hmm, perhaps Angel (for all I love the series) is a cautionary tale of what happens when you can't figure out a way to outgrow the myth/pattern/prophecy you are trapped into, while Buffy (for all the problems it had, specially in its last season) showed what happens you do say "Fuck this noise about The One. I'm the one... with an army of slayers."

In that light, it's cool that the story stopped there, because that's the point. You don't kill the monsters until you think outside the parameters of the story, effectively ending it.

So you smile to the big hole in the ground that was your nightmare of a town, and go on with your life.



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