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cass, can you not

Not even a fic

A fragment from the Log Infinite, one of the minor fleshtexts[*] about the Cancerverse gods (for illustration and illumination, seek Thanos Imperative #2).

They built it for the glory of Those Who Fill the Spaces, for the hastening of the Ripeness, for the Time when Everything would be Saved, in This Universe and the Universes Beyond.

It prowls the void between galaxies where the desperate immortals seek to asymptotically approach Death through time, cold, and oblivion, and it leaves everlasting life in its thousand light-years wake. Those who attempted to sleep are waken forever. The atmosphereless rocks of the Cursed Preserves are seeded with teeming creatures. Whoever had ended before the victory of Life, is pulled back from the ever-retreating fields of entropy, accompanied by the anguished screams of their own forced rebirth.

That's the sound, nature, and purpose of the Galactus Engine. Forever are the gods praised.

[*] They aren't books, but beings genetically engineered to do nothing but breed parthenogenically and incessantly chant the terabyte-long text encoded in the physiological structure of their brains. The volume and mass of the Infinite Realities is prophetized to one day become a sole fleshtext, chanting forever a single word meaning 'Life.'
cass, can you not

Fic: The Secret Sits in the Middle and Knows (PG13, Marvel AU)

Title: The Secret Sits in the Middle and Knows
Rating: PG13
Fandom: Marvel AU
Author Notes: Set after Secret Invasion.

You should have told us, Reed. What if you had failed?

I didn't.

That's not the point! You had no right to put the world's fate on your hands, not when you have allies and friends to call upon. Did you keep your family in the dark about this 'secret invasion', too?

They didn't need to know. Trust me, Steve, I would have asked for help had I needed it.

Trust is a two-way street, Reed. For someone as smart as you are, you seem to have trouble grasping that simple concept.

The signal was cut with a sharp, yet dignified movement. Even angry and disappointed, Steve Rogers was... inspiring.

Mr. Fantastic sighed, rubbing his wearied eyes. The Skrull was not only imitating Captain America almost at the molecular level, it was also a perfect behavioral match. They were the best mimics in the known multiverse — and that had made it comparatively easy for Reed to design a countermeasure: a massive bioneural shock that had literally made every Skrull on Earth forget that they weren't who they were simulating to be.

A master stroke from the man whom the Skrull empire had, rightfully, feared more than anyone else.

An empty triumph for the last human being on Earth.

cass, can you not

For the record

Nathan is insane and evilish, and should really, *really* stop trying to do social engineering.

In an unrelated matter, he's going to be smacked down like whoa. But just because of comics convention. I'm amazed at what Marvel has done with him in Cable/Deadpool; it's not unheard-of in comics, of course (e.g., Zenith), but in a Big Two universe... it's pretty amazing. He'll fail, but it's amazing.

That said, I like the way he thinks. *BIG* big picture, and definitely outside the comics box. Reminds me of B5's Sheridan at his best (to my eyes, the end of the Shadow War is one of the finest moments of TV sci-fi ever - Sheridan was the Arthur who sent Merlin packing away, and god dammit, but was it time we stopped following Merlins... now if we can only stop making up Arthurs...). But I ramble.

I wonder how the heck will Blood of Apocalypse (which I will probably not enjoy much) play with/into the Civil War.