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cass, can you not

Do you...? (DCU, PG13 Marriage-a-palooza fic)

Title: Do you...?
Rating: PG13
Fandom: DCU, pre-52, pre-a lot of things, really.
Author Notes: Remember when I used to post silly, unbetaed, hastily written Cass/Tim fic? I started thinking about marriage fics, and suddenly I was about seven years younger and smiling like a loon. Think of it as a very personal and nostalgic Lord King Bad.

Cassandra looked surprised for a few seconds, and then said "I do." Those were the first words she had said since the beginning of the relaxingly forgettable romance movie.

That's not how it works! thought Tim. It's just a movie. That's not a real priest, and he was asking the character anyway. Clearly and deliberately, he said nothing and didn't look at Cassandra while Ben Affleck's character echoed her words.

Cassandra's sudden smile was the largest, brightest he had ever seen. Tim couldn't avoid smiling back, even while a voice in his mind protested I didn't say anything! Sure, if our lives were different I *would*, but

Her kiss was as definitive as any deduction he had ever made, and Tim realized he would never be able to lie to his wife.

cass, can you not

The DCU Marriage-A-Palooza Challenge --- official challenge post

WHAT: Fic, fanart, vids, fanmixes, interpretative dancing, whatever. The only rule: two or more people get married (for whatever meaning of "married" makes sense for their culture/preferences/history/species/etc).

WHO: Anybody in the DC universe, including comics, movies, and animated series, in all continuities and AUs. Crossovers and OCs work, too, as long as at least one person getting married comes from the DCU.

WHEN: Any time up to November 19, 2013 (Batwoman #25 being on sale November 20). If you want to participate but the deadline is too close, I'll set up a second post to collect post-deadline works, and I'll post a collated list on February 14, 2014.

HOW: Do whatever you want, post it wherever you want, and send the link as a comment to this post or in an email to marcelo.rinesi+challenge@gmail.com. On November 20 I'll post on this journal a list of all works submitted, as well as email notifications to everybody who submitted anything.