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cass, can you not

Ficlet: Thereafter (PG13, Marceloverse)

Title: Thereafter
Rating: PG18, just in case.
Characters: Slade, Cain, Shiva.
Summary: Being hard to kill isn't the same as being hard to hurt. But he has experience surviving that, too.
Author Notes: First warning: katarik asked for this. Second warning: it's a Marceloverse fic (which means it makes no sense if you haven't read these).

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cass, can you not

More insanity

This won't make an ounce of sense if you haven't read these before. Still won't make sense afterward, probably.

(I feel really funny calling this series the "marceloverse"; a marceloverse, in any case, should probably have more tea and comics and less twisted manipulation and bizarre scheming.) (Not that it'll stop me for writing more crack *g*)

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