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cass, can you not

My first Lord of the Rings fic!

And, I'm pretty sure, my last one by popular request *g*. Untitled, unless you want to call it Gandalf the Wise.

For generations Gandalf took care of the hobbits. At first they were grateful, but as the years passed even the long-lived hobbits came to regard the peace of the Shire as the natural order of things, if not rightfully earned by their sensible ways. As his beard grew longer, the wizard went in the hobbits' eyes from a champion to a legend to a well-liked provider of entertainment, a rise in status as judged by that peace-loving folk.

They had ungratefully forgotten the bloody deeds by which he had made possible for the Shire to grow innocent and pure, and that suited Gandalf just fine.

He would have need of those qualities if the Ring was ever found.