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cass, can you not

Just saw the first eleven (mini)episodes of Justice League Action

It's... different. There's a minimal amount of plot, really simplified characters, everybody's so chirpy, and about 85% of the time there's a fight going on (the episode sequence is also of order, which aside from a couple of details doesn't really matter, which tells you how absolutely episodic it is). It's basically about ten minutes of SKWP (Superhero Kapow Without Plot).

It did have a few moments I laughed at (Tumblr gifsets of the ones I remember here, here, and here, spoilers to be expected), but I think I'm not going to keep watching.

YMMV, of course! If you're looking for pure angst-free Saturday morning kapow fun (and who amongst us doesn't, at one point or another?) this is probably it.
cass, can you not

Any trip down memory lane begins... on Mars

Justice League S1E01: Secret Origins I: it begins with Batman stepping into something weird and getting tossed around a lot, and Superman trying to do good while people, it seems, will just not stop being awful. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman wants to help, Flash reminds everybody all the time that he's the fastest person alive, and mankind gives J'onn a constant headache, which doesn't stop him from trying to help us.

Funnily enough,I could say exactly the same about the much later Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths movie.

Seriously, though, I love how (1) Bruce's method to fight metas is to get punched a lot until he figures out the right move (I know he'd rather not, but at this point one of the most underrated of his many abilities is how he can multitask his tactical analysis while he's getting his ass handed to him, which means, I guess, that you're only winning insofar as you're hurting him faster than he's learning), and (2) Clark is, if not ruthless, at least more practical than he often gets credit for. While fighting the first beachhead of the Martian invasion, he *flew away*, in front of everybody, leaving Metropolis in flames, soldiers (and Batman) on their own, and so on, to go and try to rescue J'onn, whose help he was going to need to stop the invasion, but without stopping to tell anybody. He did the *right* move, and the *humane* move, not the one that looked good or warm, and that's not something usually associated with him. (That said, he might have been driven by anger as much as by tactical considerations; the military's treatment of J'onn must have been a nightmare of his ever since he learned he was an alien, or at least for his parents.)