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cass, can you not

Awesome/Not so awesome


* Collapse ) I have a thing, ok?

* Danny Rand, in general.

* fandomsecrets (he said with a certain shame)

Not so awesome:

* movieverse!Wanted. a) Curved bullets get old fast. Wesley's powers are supposed to be wider than that. b) The whole "taking hit orders from a loom" thing is absurd, even by Hollywood standards. c) In a bizarre turn of events, Angelina Jolie wasn't sexy, and Morgan Freeman wasn't cool. I feel like the universe is upside down.

* Late Heinlein novels. There's much to commend in them, but there's also something subtly off-putting in there.

* There's only one issue left of Pax Romana, and I think it's going to be rushed. I'd love to read much more of it.

* Being unable to sleep at 5:15 AM ETA: 6:45 AM.