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cass, can you not

I had a dream about old!Vir, Tommy Lee Jones, the ISS, and the Borg

But that's not what this post is about, but about this: I want a DC series about DCU accountants.

The main characters would be the CFO of Wayne Enterprises and her right hand, an X-Files fan who is sure Bruce is evading hundreds of billions in taxes and stealing stuff from WE but can't prove it (well, Bruce kind of does - he can't declare his Batman expenses, can he?). Nobody, of course, believes him, and his "paranoia" would be a running gag in the book.

Their archnemesis, of course: the CFO of LexCorp.

It'll be like Gotham Central -light on the capes, mostly the day-to-day stuff of keeping track of billions of dollars- until the end, when somebody is playing hooky with *everybody*'s accounts, and it turns out that it's Collapse ).*

It wouldn't be a sales hit, I admit it. Except possibly with accountants.

[*] Cf. jarodrussell's Everybody Needs a Batgirl series.**
[**] Yes, we do.