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In retrospective, I wonder why Spielberg chose to go with aliens for the fourth Indiana Jones movie instead of a more logical choice, probably the Holy Cross. There's a sort of pseudo-historical/pseudo-mythological progression through the focus of the Indiana Jones movies, from a "heathen" religion, to the Old Testament, to the Last Supper. The Crucifixion or the Resurrection would have been meta-narratively appropriate choices, I think, and if you want to "pass the torch" to a next generation, it's not a bad underlying metaphor. Indy is dead, long live Indy, so to speak.

Alternatively, Spielberg could have gone with a non- or post-Christian meta-narrative, which I think is what he tried to do, except that the Founding Aliens is not a very significant one in our culture. (Heh. I half wonder if Scientology is so prevalent in Hollywood that over there it kind of is). If you are willing to be pseudohistorical and pseudoscientific ("if," right - this is Spielberg we're talking about), maybe something like the First Human Grave, or a mythical secret cave with First Art, or something like that.

ETA: Never mind. jamjar points out that Raiders came first, so the progression I had in mind is wrong.