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Five reasons why I like Ninja Assassin more with each background TV rewatch

  • Maslow: as the co-protagonist's boss, in most movies he'd be unsupportive and pig-headed. Here he makes a token display of skepticism at the beginning, but after that he's quick on the uptake, cares for her, makes all the right sneaky moves, and arguably does as much as the protagonists to get the thing done. Interpol bosses of plucky investigators are rarely this humane and competent.

  • (I paraphrase) Mika: "They are tracking our scent? Like dogs?" Raizo The Ninja: *makes epic injured ninja pride face* "Like wolves."

  • The fights and training montages are ridiculous, but Raizo The Ninja doing vertical push-ups is surprisingly fine (the fact that he's doing it over a fakir-like bed of nails is also ridiculous, though).

  • ... I've got nothing. I don't know why I keep leaving it as background TV, but I do.

  • Because it's called Ninja Assassin?