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cass, can you not

Happy April Fool's Day

Also known as the best day of the year to deploy the last phase of your nefarious world-domination plan, as nobody's going to believe anything they hear until it's April 2nd and CNN is still showing footage of cyborg monkeys plundering museums.

Remember: Paranoia is nothing but a keen sense of the repeatability of historical patterns.

Hopefully unrelated ETA: Just saw in BoingBoing these Zombie Stomper high heels:

I'm very disappointed. I'm not against the funky look, but those shoes are definitely not adequate to stomp zombies. I was hoping for something with more protection for the feet, steel or at least a nice composite material, maybe blades or a taser for those moments when a zombie grabs you by your feet.

ETA of just curious: If a vampire bites a corpse, do you get a zombie?