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cass, can you not

The simulation we live inside is no longer minimally believable

Werner Herzog will be part of the cast in The Mandalorian. Herzog. In Star Wars. In Disney's Star Wars.

This is infuriatingly too bonkers to accept and not bonkers enough. Either have Herzog threaten with a pike the suit suicidal enough to propose this to him, or have him direct the most existentially grim and barely understandable three hours long episode about a bunch of Imperial Soldiers forced to carry the parts of a giant plasma cannon on their backs up a giant mountain in the desert.

Or a documentary about Luke being eaten by Ewoks, if you want to be predictable.

But, god, not this halfway crap. The timeline is screwed up as it is. Go for broke.

(I'm still bummed we didn't get a Star Trek with Hannibal aesthetics. Imagine the aliens. Imagine the (fully canonical) weirdness. Imagine the Mirror Universe.)