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Pinging the smartest part of me (i.e., you)

I'm trying to locate a quote, and both my memory (unsurprisingly) and Google (not so unsurprisingly) aren't being of much help, yet I'm sure it's a well-known one, I'm just phrasing it wrong. It goes, roughly, like

You're not here because you have to make a decision. You already made it. You just need to understand the decision you made.

This is driving me crazy. I can hear the quote in the back of my head, a woman's voice saying it. I'm sure it's from something I know very well, some book, comic, or movie, but for some reason it's just blocked.

I know I'll feel stupid once you tell me where this is from, but that's going to be better than having this thing bouncing around my head. So... help?

ETA: Got it. Thanks!