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cass, can you not

Rampant Synchronicity

(...which would be a great name for a rock band)

Yesterday: I (finally!) watched the final two episodes of Avatar. There are bits of non-squee in my heart, but there was plenty of yay in my soul, as ass was kicked in beautiful ways. Also, my love of Toph knows no bounds: She invented metalbending! Together with Sokka, they, well, they manage a lot of mischief. I approved.

Today: The Legend of Korra! I hope it's as awesome as it seems it can be.

Also on the topic of series with awesome female leads, this: In praise of Joanne Rowling's Hermione Granger series. I don't know enough of the potterverse — both the text and the fandom — to argue for or against the points there, but I do know who I'd want in my corner when shit went down.
cass, can you not

I'm currently reading a Harry Potter book for the first time ever

(Yes, I'm weird.)

If you've read Calvin and Hobbes, my conclusion after about half of Book One: Hermione==Susan, and the book would be funnier if Harry were Calvin.

I can just picture him rubbing his hands together. "Unlimited power! The world is mine! Bwahahahahah!" He'd be *so* cross to be fated to be a good guy... Plus, imagine *Calvin* with magic. He has the precise mix of imagination and disregard for studying that'd make him a very, very dangerous wizard to everybody around.

Also, he'd be the only one with a walking, talking tiger big cat as his companion animal. And he'd be sent about thrice a week to talk with Dumbledore, who'd have lots and lots of second thoughts.

Maybe Voldemort couldn't kill the boy because he was *worse* than him...