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cass, can you not

Happy Halloween!

A common but topical observation: once we defeat whatever once scared the living hell out of us, we humans love to make terrifying stories about them, and then comedic spoofs, and eventually we dress our children like dead monsters (dead as in no longer present in our reality; witches and vampires and ghosts and devils were once very real, you know, in every legal and practical sense) and coo at how cute they look.

One way to look at it is that art and play are ways in which we deal with what still, at some level, scares us.

Another way to look at it is that we humans are terrifying, gloating, cruel, vengeful bastards, and that any monster we defeat can look forward to an afterlife of humiliation through bad comedies, "sexy" costumes, and eventually a recurrent "they were just misunderstood and kinda hot" phase, which for somebody or something that looked at us with hunger and utter contempt, and wanted nothing more than our pain, suffering, and death, has to be nearly unendurable. So I think Halloween is at least partly a Roman-style triumph, and partly a warning to the Things Out There.

Mess with us, and we'll pretend with our kids that you were scary, and give then candy when you once hungered for our flesh and soul. It'll be a blast.

Quoting the Doctor, it's no wonder they keep attacking us.