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cass, can you not

You know,

This is an Ollie I can respect and like. An Ollie, actually, that has grown.

The fact that he now resembles an slightly less crazy Bruce Wayne is not a coincidence.

In further news, in my head? The batboys' trip was to that island. I can (barely) buy a not-insane with grief (and not-running away from Batman like hell) post-Crisis Tim Drake if he spent close to a year living and training with Connor and Mia. There are few things more therapeutic, I think, that living and training with Connor and Mia. And Dick.

Meanwhile, Bruce and Ollie had lots of sex reached an understanding bonded over how much they both suck at parenting and keeping their cities from blowing up in fiery maelstroms of blood, no, I can't lie, they had lots of sex.

AUs aside, OYL-GA kinda rocks. And I know DC is going to break it, because that's what they do, but what the heck. They can't break what I keep in my own downstream repository (to use the comics-as-software metaphor).