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Other random media I consumed (I procrastinated quite a bit this weekend, you understand)

Bunraku: In a world without guns... ok, let me start over. It has Woody Harrelson as the bartender explaining the movie with paper puppets (hence bunraku). Also, it's pretty much every "silent stranger comes into town" movie rolled into one, with a few cups of TV Tropes poured on top of it. It blows Bechdel's test in a bad way, but other than that, it's a hell of a fun movie, self-consciously archetypal (even down to nicely stylized sets) but not dead.

Fringe S04E19: I'm torn between Awesome! and What the Fuck? But mostly, I'm in awe of John Noble, who can play the most adorable and lost of men, and the most dangerous son of a bitch, in the same episode. Mad props to him, and may god have pity on the Observers.

Young Justice S01E26: Not bad, but I wasn't overwhelmed by this episode. You know what I want? I want the animated version of Robin's I lie to *Batman*.

I think I need go reread some of Te's Tim fic.
cass, can you not

A Fringe Event in my life

Expected: I'm getting back into experimenting a bit with tDCS (Transcranial direct-current stimulation), so I bought a couple bits of hardware to start tinkering with.

Unexpected: The guy at the electronics shop who sold them to me looked a lot like Peter Bishop.


Yeah, right.
cass, can you not

Why the world is boring

As my new daily commute involves less time on trains and more walking, I've started to load audiobooks and such to my phone (I really prefer visual reading, but my HUD glasses are still unaccountably delayed). My first choice has been a series of lectures from 1969 on European Cultural History, as given by one George L. Mosse. Now, I don't know him, but to my ears he sounds a bit like Walter Bishop in his more emphatic moods.

So I spent half an hour today listening to Walter lecturing on late medieval upveals, millenialism, and other apocalyptic topics, which, given Walter's strong feelings about superstition and even stronger involvement with all things apocalyptic, was a blast of fun.

Besides, the fact that our universe's Walter (under a different name) studied history instead of science does much to explain the relative uneventfulness of our lives. Not working in a discipline where he can start an apocalypse, Walter finds himself driven by One of Those Things — the modern incarnation of the Fates — to teach about other people and other times' apocalypses.

PS: The little McLuhan inside my head is much amused by the fact that I'm learning about the distinctly auditory medieval culture through a recorded lecture rather than a book — as much as I'm a very Gutenberg person (or at least as much as you can be in the early 21st century and still be technologically competent), in this case the medium might not be, but at least fits the message.
cass, can you not

Fringe questions

This is all spoiler-free, as far as I can tell.

  • I can't be the only one who sees Fringe as a sort of Fantastic Four AU, right?

  • Have we seen Walternate's personal lab yet? I'm sure that being Secretary of Defense for the Entire Universe is time-consuming, but this is a Walter we're talking about.

  • Has anybody made a Fringe vid with Jesus Walks yet? "Yo, We at war. // We at war with terrorism, // racism, // and most of all // we at war with ourselves."

  • Could there be two groups of Observers, each of them manipulating events so their universe is the one that survives?

  • On the other hand, IIRC, it was an Observer who distracted Walternate at a key moment that prevented him from realizing he had found a cure for Peter, which led to Walter's kidnapping of Peter, which in turn led to the whole mess. Whatever's happening, at least one set of Observers was interested on triggering, and I wouldn't be surprised if their influence began years or decades before.

  • Observers can time travel, which explains the Peter-locked weapon. No, let me correct myself. It explains how it can exist. I still have no clue about why it should exist, unless this whole series has been about some crap like "Only one universe can survive, but we Observers are not emotional/human/good-looking enough to make that decision, and nobody from a given universe can be expected to be unbiased, but if we manipulate things so a human will have ties on both universes, we can offload the decision to her or him." If that's what's going on, I'll be mildly disappointed.