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cass, can you not

Artists, Writers, Middlefen: Assemble!

Art Crawl! Fic Crawl! Filk Crawl!

Why not all of them?

tigerbright has just created ficandartcrawl. The rules are simple: create something that Wendy, Lacey or their friends would have created, and post it on the comm on January 30. While Middleman-inspired, it's by no means a Middleman-only challenge. It's for Art! (the exclamation point and the implied 'whoo!' at the end are mandatory).

And what's better than art?

So pimp it out, BNFs, sort-of-BNFs, people with a lot of friends and people with only a couple of them; word of mouth, emailed links, little asides on chat porn. Pass the spirit of 'Art Crawl!' through and outside the Middlefandom.

And, as usually, remember to always ask yourself: What Would Wendy and Lacey Do?