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Entries by tag: failed fic

Draft of fic: William at Auschwitz

This is very much a draft, very much unhappy (I mean, look at the title), and very much inadequate. Beta-ish comments more than welcome.

Title: William at Auschwitz
Rating: PG13?

He still seeks inside himself, only for himself, the phrase.Collapse )


Fic: Pacem appellant (DCU AU, PG13)

I tried to end this differently, but that would have broken the rules. I guess it makes it less interesting, tough, so this is probably a failed fic.

Title: Pacem appellant
Rating: PG13
Fandom: DCU AU
Author Notes: How Final Crisis could have ended. I'm glad it won't.

Earth's heroes failed because they thought the Final Crisis was an event to be overcome, a critical juncture in time.Collapse )


A failed original fic: Finals (PG13)

I'm posting this here for reference and backup purposes, but I don't think it quite works, so it won't go to Hectowords.

The last football player in the world stared down the defensive team in front of him. You could't really stare down a bunch of robots, but he did his best.Collapse )

Re: that last fic I posted.

What I really wanted to write about, but couldn't figure out, is this: How is it to live in a city next to Arkham, the multiverse's most porous holding facility for insane, violent criminal geniuses? How does that feel? What kind of mental and practical adjustments do they have to do?

I mused about that for a while, got no farther than "Gothamites are insane, that's the thing," and instead wrote urban fluff.

*shrugs* Maybe later. Feel free to do whatever you want with the idea, of course.

ETA FOR THE AGES: Katarik rules over Gotham, verily. That's all.

ETA OF NO, THAT WASN'T ALL: And she rules over Clark too.

Another not-psych 30 fic.

The following was going to be my next pysch_30 fic, for prompt #26 "Obsession". But, while I mostly like the idea, I'm not sure Tim would.

It takes him months to give up the attempt to clone Kon, until he's ultimately forced to. Then he moves to plan B.Collapse )

Well, this went nowhere fast

Below the cut is a short fragment set during Dick's first years in Bludhaven (if you've noticed that stories about Tim are often contextualized by what Dick was doing at the time, well, there's a reason for that *g*).

I'm definitely not happy with it; I like the concept, but the writing is almost boneless... probably one of the cardinal sins in writing Bat-fic, where even fluff has edge. *g*

Anyway, I'm posting it below, in the off chance anybody might want to do something with it. Rewriting suggestions more than welcome.

* * *

It's an inexcusable self-indulgence.Collapse )


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