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cass, can you not

Re: that last fic I posted.

What I really wanted to write about, but couldn't figure out, is this: How is it to live in a city next to Arkham, the multiverse's most porous holding facility for insane, violent criminal geniuses? How does that feel? What kind of mental and practical adjustments do they have to do?

I mused about that for a while, got no farther than "Gothamites are insane, that's the thing," and instead wrote urban fluff.

*shrugs* Maybe later. Feel free to do whatever you want with the idea, of course.

ETA FOR THE AGES: Katarik rules over Gotham, verily. That's all.

ETA OF NO, THAT WASN'T ALL: And she rules over Clark too.
cass, can you not

Well, this went nowhere fast

Below the cut is a short fragment set during Dick's first years in Bludhaven (if you've noticed that stories about Tim are often contextualized by what Dick was doing at the time, well, there's a reason for that *g*).

I'm definitely not happy with it; I like the concept, but the writing is almost boneless... probably one of the cardinal sins in writing Bat-fic, where even fluff has edge. *g*

Anyway, I'm posting it below, in the off chance anybody might want to do something with it. Rewriting suggestions more than welcome.

* * *

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