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cass, can you not


Saw PotC:DMC during the weekend. Summary: Um. Pow! Oh. Ja! Rats. Mmmmm! Eh... Weeee! Weeee! Weeee! Uh? Heh. WT...? Oops. Yikes. Yay! Hey?

Also: Elizabeth! Both hot and problematic, because... yeah. You know what I want right now? Pre-PotC2 Will/Elizabeth written by people who have seen PotC2. I have questions. Because I can totally buy Elizabeth in PotC2, but only if you make the interval between the movies perhaps the kind of thing Disney might not have wanted to shoot.

The small, evil, purely plotty part of my brain -a part of my brain the rest of me is very wary of- would have preferred if there *was* no next movie, nor the premise of it. This being Disney, of course, it'd be impossible, but... Dammit! How cool would that be?

The rest of me notes that I want more PotC, not less.

I really hope people write the obvious no-PotC3 post-PotC2 AU. With Will/Elizabeth of DOOM. *thunders* Doom, I tell you. It'd be a thing of doom.