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cass, can you not

Just throwing it out there

An East of West TV series a la Game of Thrones.

Fascinating civilizations? Check. Epic battle scenes both one-on-one and thousands-against-three? Check. Five-way political plotting with multi-level betrayals? Check. Star-crossed romance? The literal Four Horsepeople of the very central-to-the-overall-plot Apocalypse? Impossibly hypermodern cities in multiple architectural styles? The desert? The dreamspace? Oracles? Financial shenanigans? Evil kids? Slash? Western-style gunfights? Cyborgs? A world in which an African-american country is by far the main financial power in the continent and the Amerindian Endless Nations supply technology to everybody else? Checks all over the place.

Hell, it'd also make a kickass Civilization-style game (at times it feels it's the comic book version of one, but in a good way).