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Nonspoilery SPN prophecy for tonight

I just woke up from a dream. There were renegade speedster angels, my new place of work was actually a sort of a Wolfram & Hart of/by angels, and I said over the PA system in the language of the renegade angels that the building was about to be hit by a rocket, so the renegade angel mole ran away and we could identify and pursue him to a conference room (I remember yelling "Stop there, I bind you" or something similar, fully knowing that it wasn't going to work.)

(SPN's) Cass was one of the first that caught up with the mole, but the mole (who was the lead tester at my new job) pushed him over a table, put a crucifix over Cass' forehead, and said "Do you think God is going to help the one who got his favorite angel killed?" Cass said, and I quote, "God can bite my ass."

And then Cass burst into flames, and I thought "not_sally isn't going to be happy."

And then I woke up.


Another boring dreamjournal post

Last night had a dream that apparently left me out of sorts all day. It was a CSI/Criminal Minds mash-up, and I was a sort of newbie agent. Horatio was on the team, and so were Hotch, The Rock, one of my teachers from high school (I think?; she was in charge of the team, in any case), and Kaylee. There was a hostage situation, and JMS was one of the hostages (I had to explain to the team who he was, and I was worried I had written his name wrong).

Actually, the team's base looked like my high school, now that I think about it. No idea why there were so many rooms filled with shoes, though.

Anyway, I woke up before we left the building, so I don't know how the hostage situation went.



cass, can you not

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