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Your job is *way* harder

Yesterday I watched Epitaph Two. The fact that I systematically squeed at and for Topher, Alpha, and Victor (OMG, VICTOR), clearly shows I failed to get the show's message. And Adelle was as heartbreaking and awesome as anybody could ask for.

As further proof of my not-getting-the-message-ness: I'm aware that doll tech was at the root of the thoughtpocalypse, but now that you have to rebuild the world, I kinda think that you can certainly use doll tech; you're going to be short on people, and need all sorts of skills. Victor had the right idea.
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It's hopeless. It's all hopeless.

Maybe I'll finish watching it later. Right now, I'm just too fed up with a series that was given the premise of being able to edit personalities and brains, and ended up being all about prostitution. That's either a massive failure of imagination (they could create Batman-level meta-experts on demand, but instead they create vapid one-dimensional sex fantasies), or a terribly harsh meta assertion that, given the technology, our society is still so patriarchal and unimaginative that, yes, that's all what everybody, including the "good guys" and the "evil geniuses" would do.

Fuck, we haven't even seen any sign of Topher tuning-up his brain on a regular basis.

I'd buy this level of blindness to the obvious possibilities of the technology from ex-FBI guy, but Adelle has the ambition and Topher has the brains. Hell, Topher has the science fiction experience. There's no excuse for them to be running a Dollhouse instead of the most staggeringly powerful think tank/elite *everything* in the history of the species.

*throws hands up in despair* Even Alpha, polymath ubercompetent pangenius that he's supposed to be, just wanted "his girl" back.

It's hopeless. It's all hopeless.
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Briefs comments on Dollhouse S02E03

* The Dollhouse, where *all* humor is gallows humor.

* Best line of the season: "Topher has ethical problems. *Topher*."

* For that matter, deWitt & Boyd & Topher are my OT3 (romantic or not) of Humanitarian Pimping and Killing. They are my favorite part of the Dollhouse.

* That said, OMG, the Dollhouse Dressing Room Guy was awesome. He's the love child of Topher and Michael Caine's character from Miss Congeniality.

* On the other hand, when deWitt asked Topher to think something and fast, I kinda shuddered, because there, that, is one of the seeds of Epitaph One. Topher's solution was a different (and much more limited) one, but, boy, I can recognize a v0.1 when I see it.
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I'm back to watching Supernatural. I mean, I figure something like The End deserves a couple episodes of good faith.

Also, Dollhouse was fun. I'm thinking that, with some changes, it would've been an interesting choice for the first episode of the series.

A random thought: there are many Dollhouses, so it stands to reason that we don't fully know who's an active and who isn't, and if there is infighting of any kind between them, neither do the people in the LA Dollhouse.
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Fic: Dirge (Dollhouse, PG13)

Title: Dirge
Rating: PG13
Fandom: Dollhouse
Summary: Armageddon stuff.

Linear, sequential, bounded. They have scary Alpha-based commandos and crazy ordinance and whatever stuff cabals of insane decabillionaires stock up on when they are trying to take over the world, but they are still limited to the best brains money can buy. And that's not Topher Brink.

Sure, his smarts are for hire, but his very best work is for those he likes, fears, or, well, feels guilty about. Right now there's a few of those out there, so he's going to show a thing or two to people who never saw such classics as War Games and wouldn't recognize a wardialer if it bit them in the cortex, which is actually about to happen as soon as his program takes over the switchboards and begins co-opting the fine people of the Los Angeles area for the greater good.

This is Armageddon stuff, but he's smiling as he works. It feels good to be a hero.

Then he sees what his fingers are really typing, and realizes he's not being a hero.

He's a bomb going off.

He can't scream, stop, or warn anyone, not until the damage is done. It's a very fine programming job, and even with a hacked brain he can recognize the signature.

The insane decabillionaires taking over the world were limited to the best brains money could buy. And that had included Topher Brink.

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Epitaph One

Just watched it (thanks to the peerless not_sally).

Without spoilers, I can say this: I liked the episode, but I wish Joss hadn't shoot it. It's the summary of a kickass S2, but that's not the same.
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Thinks That Rock

The Star Trek movie and Dollhouse S1E12, no, wait, Dollhouse the series. There were weak, derivative bits all through the series — I don't really buy some of the main subconceits — but, granted that, it was handled awesomely and in a nice crescendo. I think Joss might have tried (and mostly failed) to lure mainstream viewers before hitting them with the good stuff.

The Star Trek movie was *young* (well, for the most part). It failed in that it was more about Star Trek than about exploration (unlike, you know, the good Star Trek series), but it ultimately wins because, despite the very heavy hints thrown around *coughs*, at some level it's more about who the characters are than about who they will be. Plus, it was fun.

I'm not sure you can ask more of an Star Trek movie these days.
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Dollhouse FTW!

If you haven't been following Dollhouse, or if you gave up after the first episodes (an understandable reaction), give it another chance, and watch all the episodes together. The whole thing ---not only the episodes, but the show as a whole--- gets better with time. They better show or leak it all.